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To redesign the ‘Recruit with Tes’ page as this is what would be used to sell schools services around the global.

  1. simplify the journey
  2. produce a look and feel of a modern business
  3. get our offering out

Starting point

This is what it looked like before we started, heavy on the content front and quite hard to digust


my aim was to give the page a face lift and curate a better user experience that improves salesforce ability to gather better leads and for head teachers to learn more about the product and services that tes offer. the first version i made was a simple components basic website - with some variations that would make up most of the site with the outcome below:

Conclusion: failed

We found that we were using a lot of the same patterns in out projects, with that understanding, I worked closely with the marketing team to create a better system which led to the creation of the
CMS (pagebuilder).