People are more aware of what they consume, and are consciously taking action to change their lifestyle. With that said, these are the problems I've identified and solved through this idea.

  1. Want to exercise and stay health
  2. Don't know what to eat
  3. Maximise produce and reduce waste

In addition it was important to me to make it as convenient as possible and have it working holistically within the amazon eco-system. paper process

Choose a goal

from: losing weight to gaining muscle or getting lean

Workout & meal planning

exercise and meals are planned for you according to intensity-frequency of workouts you choose

Track & record

use the ‘connect’ and the app to record calories consumed and burned


a smart watch that tracks intake and expenditure of calories; syncing it back to your goal eco-system.

Amazon pay

food bought using it automatically updated on your food log


simply tell it what you’re eating to update log

Route planner

using amazon deliver logistics; running/cycling route can be plotted to users needs

connect watch
heart-rate (HR) to bpm

will play music to complement the hr


food, drink, exercise & sleep records

Track & record

pedometer + accelerometer heart + temperature sensor bluetooth/gps/gprs/nfc wireless charging

PrimeFitness App

The portable hub of the operation; at quick glance you see current status and next steps. Users can add meals and workouts into the system via the app.

Image recognition

technology is used to log meals [similar to finding product using the camera on the amazon shopping app]

connect watch
Planning route

Using amazon logistics, running/cycling routes can be plotted to users needs. e.g. ”Alexa, I want to cycle 20 miles, avoiding busy roads

Virtual pantry

Meal prep station; here you see all the food you have in your house virtually represented along with suggested recipes on the right - which is curated taking into consideration the ingredients you already have and the expiration date to maximise produce and reduce waste.

Recipe recommendations

Ingredients data used to complete recipes that we think you’d like.

connect watch
Product suggestions

Current items data used to shows similar product


How the virtual pantry works


Since the conception of this idea in 2017, I've started learning coding and currently know enough to slowly realise the idea. V0.1 looks like this: