A collaborative project that took place in the FHNW - a university in Switzerland. Bringing together students from Merz Akademie; in Stuttgart, Germany, Northumbria University; Newcastle, UK and Southeast University; china. Working with a mixed team of students studying: computer science, graphic design, psychology and interactive media design to create something for Lora; a new low powered network, a part of the internet of things (IoT)


We created Knowhere; it's a tracking device using the Lora network. allowing users to track their personal belongings by attaching the small device and seeing the location through the accompanying application. The final deliverable was a presentation of the idea to members of Swisscom (the company hosting the project), showing the workings of the device; technology and use case, along with research, app & product designs, business plans, device cost, a working demo and a video demonstrating of key features.


To add a tracker, you simply enter or scan the code on the back of the device to sync it, then give it a name along with an icon and a colour for easy recognition on the map.

Safe zone

Adding a geo-fence allows the user to set up safe zones, so, if you left the house without your wallet, you’d get a notification letting you know before it was too late.


Selecting the lost item will display a map showing its location, then you have the ability to ‘ring’ by playing an audio alert or ‘flash’ which then turns on an led beacon so disruption isn't caused to the same degree of sound.

Viewports & platforms

In production we considered all possible platforms and devices, looking at android, ios and windows and to different view ports such as the apple watch and other wearables.

video demo

iPole | collaborative project with universities from Switzerland, Germany and China.